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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Specializing in multitasking management of cross discipline teams for risk reducing low cost innovation.


  • Lead team to re-engineer and implement the 100' diameter satellite antenna at Sabaa Sacco, Puerto Rico

  • At the same time develop and implement a unique die package for a novel tributary processor ASc

  • And at the same time miniaturize a rack mount chassis

  • All while writing and receiving several patents whose first year's royalties more than paid for all the R&D costs!



Degrees in Mechanical Engineering (with advanced study courses) and Biology, as well as continuing education in CAD, CAM, FEA (thermal and stress)), and soft skills such as supervision, quality, safety, time management and even ballroom dancing (!).


From submarines to spacecraft, military to medical and commercial; and from customers/clients to outsourced vendor contractors, my wealth of successful experience will reduce risk and increase revenues.