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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Owner, Technology Touch

520 Palm Avenue, Los Altos, CA 94022-3530
Phone 415 509 8482 Fax: 650 948 4144


Specializing in Practical Innovation

Summary: I have a passion for working with people, designing; a love of learning and an irrepressible enthusiasm to get the job done. I want to solve problems with a team approach for functional designs with grace and elegance. Give me a challenge and I’ll be happy.



  • BSME (plus Masters courses), BSBio
  • 15+ successful years of increasing responsibility for projects, designs and people. Recent duties include planning, coordinating assignments, budgeting, scheduling. supervision of mechanical engineers and designers.
  • Project leadership on many simultaneous programs – completed successfully.
  • Advanced materials, equipment, high volume, technologies and process research all completed successfully.
  • Coached and mentored junior team members
  • Familiar with techniques for 10-4 Torr vacuum.
  • Extensive knowledge of materials and technologies mundane and exotic.
  • Successful packaging concepts DC to daylight and well into gamma/x-ray, including Advanced EMI techniques.
  • Familiar/expert with Inventor, AutoCAD, Solidworks, ProEngineer, ProMechanica, ANSYS (WorkBench), Flotherm, MacroFlow, Oracle, MSOffice, LotusNotes, Excel, MS Project, and many more.
  • Designed electronic equipment racks for DFA/DFM and ease of maintenance.
  • Data center design, including layout, floor plenums and AC/high speed/fiber optic cable routing.
  • Designed electronic enclosures for challenging shock, vibration, thermal and EMI environments, maximizing  performance and minimizing costs.
  • Optimized board layouts for thermal and high speed processing.
  • Designed/evaluated, tested and chose chip level packaging for custom ASIC’s to maximize performance and reliability.
  • Analyzed life cycle and total cost of operation, including green sustainability
  • Designed, experimented with, tested and implemented cooling techniques such as natural convection, force convection (heat sinks), evaporative coolers, heat exchangers, immersion-nucleate boiling (Galden, Fluorinert), thermoelectric coolers, as well as innovative inexpensive techniques.
  • Wrote specifications for the mechanical performance from chip level up to system level.
  • Ran theta j/c reliability versus clock speed trade offs.
  • Conceived and managed tests of chip, board, box, rack and data center level performance.
  • Alternative Energy: active (thin film and crystaline)/passive solar panels, windmills, green tech/sustainability designs


AKT/Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA 95054.                                                        2006 -2009
Senior Member of the Technical Staff – Supervision, Project/Program Management, team leader. Huge vacuum chambers: design, sustaining, analysis, field support. International customers, LCD, thin film/crystaline solar, plasma manufacturing equipment. CVD, PECVD, PVD, EBT, etch, etc. Robotics, turbo pumps, huge valves, exotic materials: Alclad, FFKM, 200lb ceramic plates, etc. 24 invention disclosures.


Technology Touch, Los Altos, CA .                                                                           2001 – 2006
A home-based consulting business aiming to support companies in research, development and design. Successful examples: designed a stiffer frame for an airborne laser mirror; acted as manufacturing liaison to a wide variety of fabricators and parts suppliers; designed a gas-tight enclosure and fixed the robotic deployment of the same laser; conceived, designed and implemented a low cost, high volume injection molded electronic enclosure; reorganized, updated and streamlined Engineering Department of Hamrock, Inc.


Kestrel Solutions, Inc., Mountain View, CA.                                                              1999 - 2001
Production engineering, Project/program management. Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Automation, high-volume Production Engineering, Manufacturing Liaison for outsourced components, parts and assemblies, new product introduction, vendor searches & evaluations, Cost/Benefit trade analysis, DFM, DFA, PM procedures, sustaining, stress analysis, EMI, cabling, failure analysis, design reviews, special projects, troubleshooting, cost reduction. Invention disclosure: “Connectorless Backplane”.


GTE, Mountain View, CA.                                                                                            1985 - 1999
Principal Mechanical Engineer; Electronics Packaging; Project/Program Management; Pneumatic/Hydraulic/Electric Motion Control.  Innovative, cost effective, robust & aggressively compact packaging for commercial, space, airborne, surface ship & submarine as well as ground-based mobile/tactical & strategic stationary environments. Shelters, rack mount, mast systems (robotic deployment), antennas, air transportation, ruggedizing COTS chassis & hi-rel enclosures. Concurrent engineering. ISO 9000. JIT, DFM, DFA, customer presentations and training. Surface mount technology, VME, VXI boards & chassis, optical fiber & multichip modules.


BS: Mechanical Engineering, State U of NY at Buffalo.
BA: Biology, State U of NY at Buffalo.
MS: Mechanical Engineering, (15 units) State U of NY at Buffalo.
Seminars:  Finance, SolidWorks, ProEngineer Design & FEA, FloTherm CFD, MTT short course, advanced composites; management; quality circles; supervision; economics.


PATENTS: Elliptical Propeller and windmill blade assembly, 6,302,652, Rolling Element Clutch Assembly, 6,173,824, Combination Bearing/Freewheel clutch, 5,573,094, Toroidal Winch, 4,911,373, 4-Bar Linkage, 4,912,994, Mechanical mast, 4,932,176, Microwave circuit structure & method of mounting, 4,547,755. 24 invention disclosures.

Member: Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (SAMPE)


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